Pala RSX Grapheno

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Suitable for players who regularly play padel and whose main advantage is the intensity of their game. RSX Grapheno,with an unelike look, the Grapheno provides spectacular power and a very good ball output, maintaining a certain level of control.

Finished with 24K seen carbon and iridescent mirror effect on the central logo. Graphene technology to bring carbon stiffness and durability to the shovel.


- WEIGHT: 360-375 g

- PROFILE: 38 mm

- FORM: Round Tear

- MARK: 100% carbon fiber

- BALANCE: medium - high

- FACE: 24K carbon fiber

- CORE: EVA Ultra Soft

- SURFACE Smooth Brightness

- LEVEL: high competition

- CONTROL: 70 %

- POWER: 90%